Complete Tender Management Assurance

Some businesses want the reassurance of a complete Tender Management service. This allows business owners and senior executives like you to outsource tendering, knowing that you’ve got the assurance of a managed approach. We will send you regular updates as they happen, and a weekly update spreadsheet that confirms the status of each tender.

Want a ‘fire and forget’ tender service? We will manage the outsourced tenders so you don’t have to.


tender management from harris associates

Secure Portal

We have a secure, encrypted portal that allows you unique access with a secure password. This means that all tender documents can be accessed by you 24/7 in real time. This portal has military grade encryption, so there’s no need to worry about unauthorised access.

Fast Connection Speed

We have invested in our systems, and have a 75 meg download speed and 20 meg upload speed. This allows us to spend less time uploading and downloading documents.  Although we like to complete work comfortably in advance, it means that for tight deadlines we can upload in a handful of seconds, not minute