Head Hunting?


What has Head Hunting got to do with Tendering?head hunting

The answer is surprisingly ‘a lot!!’, especially when you are talking about Harris Associates! With the experience of our top Head-Hunter, Kaz Chaudry, we are able to provide our clients with quality candidates to support their business as they grow, thanks to the tenders that we win for them.

Kaz has over 20 years of experience within the industry and has the connections and expertise to deliver the right candidates for our clients to succeed.

How Do We Work?

Head Hunting is different to recruitment agency work. We don’t have ‘a bucket’ of CVs and we only target prospective candidates based on your requirements. One company asked for a Gas Engineer in London that could speak 3 Asian languages for their clients; we delivered!

Once receiving the commission, we will work hard to locate the candidate/s for you and work across a large range of platforms for a faster and higher chance of success.

We can tailor the services to suit your need. You may just want us to locate the ideal candidate so you can do the rest. Others want us to add more services, and that’s fine too. We do this with the same model as our tendering side, high-quality services at low cost!

WE can also add the following services on request:

  • FAST Integrity check
  • FAST Accreditation check
  • FAST ‘Right to Work in the UK’ check
  • FAST DBS check
  • FAST employer reference check
  • Telephone interview

We will even add a warrantee for the right clients as we are confident in our services.


Find out exactly why we are so successful, and call us now!

Please see our live Job opportunities that we are looking to place the right candidates with some of our valued clients these will be updated when positions are filled or when new opportunities become available they will also be listed on Indeed.co.uk

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