Harris Associates SW Ltd and Rugby Sponsorship

We understand how important sport is in community life, and we are proud to sponsor two grass roots rugby teams and a wheelchair rugby team. We love winning, and so do they!

Cwmllynfell RFC

Harris Associates sponsored Cwmllynfell RFC from the beginning, and we are thrilled this year to be their scoreboard sponsor! We plough money back into the club to help them grow.  The first home game saw a monster win to ‘Cwm’, our winning luck must be rubbing off on them.

Abertillery RFC

Once player Terry Blackwell was available for personal sponsorship, we grasped the opportunity. The juggernaut even rewarded us with a try the first game he wore our name. That’s the spirit Tezza, winning comes naturally to us, and by the looks of it, to you too.

Harris Associates SW Ltd sponsor Cwmllynfell RFC


Ospreys Wheelchair Rugby Team

We love wheelchair rugby, and the Ospreys team epitomises what it means to win, while making the most of the skills within your disability. This team is full of strong minded winners, which made sponsorship easy for us! Watch them live and see the meaning of true grit and determination in sport.