Why Use Harris Associates?Harris Associates (South West) Ltd

  • Expertise – We are a specialist company in tendering
  • Experience – Over 30 years client side experience
  • Intelligence – We know what the client is looking for
  • Success – Harris Associates has a near 100% success rate of winning PQQs
  • Cost – We are usually cheaper to use than doing it in-house
  • Value – We help you improve your systems
  • Philosophy – Working with you to provide a partnered, quality service
  • Education – We will (if necessary) take professional training to skill us in your area of expertise; at our own expense


Unsurprisingly, the most common question we get asked is ‘Do you have any experience tendering in our industry?’. The fact is that bidding skills and intelligence is the key to winning contracts. We will use our skills and some of your industry knowledge to win. If we need specialist knowledge, we will research it and can undertake professional training in your industry where required.


Having worked for the client, Director Robert Harris has turned from Game Keeper to Poacher to practice the ‘dark arts’ of tendering. The power that the pen wields is incredible, when in the hands of the right person. Robert has constructed and evaluated tenders for organisations worth up to £750 million, so knows what the client is looking for.


If you were told that you needed to ‘improve the quality of your bid’, would you know what to do? Few bidders would. That’s why we can take tendering to the next level. We can also help shape the service to make you stand out.


We have a near 100% record in PQQs, and have won many tenders over £1 Million. Our highest at the time of writing is worth over £150 Million. Ask yourself ‘would that make a difference to my business?’.


Many think that using an external practice like mine is ‘expensive’. Do this exercise.

  1. Calculate how much it realistically costs in monetary terms to produce a PQQ (eg 4 days salary). Even if you do this after hours or at weekends, you still need to calculate it as paid time.
  2. Calculate your win ratio (eg. you win 1 in every 6 times)

Now multiply the £ value in a) by the bids in b) (which is 6 bids). Now compare this to our cost.



Harris Associates provide more value than just external tendering. We can help improve your policies, services and advise on areas that will add value. This may mean areas that end up saving you money or improving corporate image. Its given free when we are doing this as part of other work and doesn’t add to the time taken.



Imagine outsourcing to a company that has the same commitment to growing your business as you. We have a partnered philosophy, and work with clients as if they are an extension of us. This is why we only work with good companies who are ethically sound and operate with the same moral fibre as us. We are looking to work with you for the long term, and our approach to business demonstrates that. With new clients, we take a hit on the extra time it takes to complete a tender and charge for what it would have cost if we were used to that area. This is our long-term commitment to you.



Director, Robert Harris, has many qualifications in Building, Health and Safety, Specialist Services, Bereavement Care, and more. If he can see where taking a course will win tenders, he will fund this himself.

Call us FREE on 0800 2545 000 and let us tender search right now.

Completing Tenders is not one of our strong points, and we often ignore tender opportunities as it’s something we are unable to complete professionally. I found Harris Associates locally on the internet and our work them has proved to be successful. We had our first meeting with Robert, who is a genuinely nice guy and he filled us with confidence, so we gave him our first tender to complete, which we won. And I must say all communication we had with Robert and the guys in the office throughout the process has been polite, professional and really quick at responding. We can highly recommend them, great communication, very professional, polite and understanding, what more could you ask for when you are looking to increase your business. They now look forward to tenders as we confident we have the right people looking after us.

Bee Beeryman, MR Maintenance Ltd   

I sought Robert's expertise to help complete a recent tender and his knowledge in tender writing was evident in the information, advice and guidance that he provided throughout the process. His approach is a professional and flexible one, tailoring his services to meet our needs. I look forward to working with Robert again in the future and have complete confidence in winning more tenders as a result! Many thanks Robert.

Michelle Khan, Exclusec Security Solutions Ltd   

I recently asked Robert if he would give a presentation. I'm the Chair of the FSB North West Wilts Committee and I wanted to give value to the members that attended the AGM. I had met and got to know Robert while networking and soon realised that when it came to tendering and bidding for contracts he really understood his business. Robert suggested that he would present in the form of a workshop. This worked really well and the audience were quickly listening and participating. Robert's wealth of experience and his ability to engage with people really came across.There were many compliments made about Robert after the event and how much people had learnt which in turn has given them confidence when looking to their future plans. Thanks for your time Robert. Adrian.

Adrian Chase, Wiltshire Chairman of Federation of Small Businesses   

The training was very well received and the teams who attended found it informative and relevant to their role. It raised many questions in and post training showing how it helped to raise staff’s knowledge and awareness of the issues around Legionella. Definitely a worthwhile training course.

Katie Taylor, Cross Keys Homes   

Just used Harris Associates to help with the tender process for a contract, Robert was extremely helpful and supplied a very prompt professional and knowledgeable service without his help we would not have won the contract. Thank you Robert

Adrian May, K9 Security Services   

We find Rob to be an expert in his field, it is reassuring to know that we have him on our team, he takes pride in his work and this always shows in the end product. We have a 100% PQQ pass rate whilst using Robs services.

Ryan Winn, MSM Environmental Services   

Robert has helped me with a complicated and complex tender. His eye for detail is second to none and has saved me so much time. His knowledge and inside information is invaluable. Many thanks

Steve White, Thornbury Collections   


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